Reasons Your Water Pressure Is Low


sinkConsider this scenario: You’ve just bought a new home and you have spent all day unpacking. The only thing you want to do right now is take a shower. When you go to take your shower, the water comes out, but the pressure you’re accustomed to just isn’t there. In fact, the water pressure is so low it is making it difficult for you to shower completely. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for a lot of homeowners and there are a number of factors that can cause it. Before you can seek the right fix, you should know some of the reasons your water pressure is coming out low.

Corroded Pipes

Despite the estimated life time of piping systems, there are natural elements that can cause corrosion inside of the pipes. When this happens, it blocks the flow of water. This is something that may happen over the years, but you should know that repair is difficult. It may be necessary for the homeowner to hire someone to replace the pipes. This can be a solution, but it may need to be done a few times over the course of the entire lifetime.

Leaks In the Pipes

It can be difficult to determine the exact location of the leak, but if it exists anywhere piping system, it can reduce the water pressure in your home. The water would not be flowing to the correct place, letting out some of the water that should be in your home. To check for a leak, shut off all sources of water in your home and monitor the meter. If after a few hours you have noticed a change, there may be a leak in the pipes. A plumber can repair the leak to help improve the water pressure.

Debris and Mineral Buildup

Due to various reasons, there are many different types of debris and minerals that can build up in your pipes and impact the flow of water. This is most common when there is a fracture in the main water line. Another potential cause is the deposits that are left behind as water passes through the pipes. It doesn’t take a lot of debris and mineral buildup to lower the water pressure. If debris and minerals are causing the issue, there may be a way to help remedy the situation, including using chemicals that will flush the elements out of the line.

Bad Pressure Regulator

A pressure regulator is used on the home to make sure water pressure is per the owner’s desire. It is usually preset to the right pressure and doesn’t normally need to be adjusted. However, if you notice that your water pressure is low, it could mean that the pressure regulators is bad and is no longer working as it should. You should make sure you speak with a professional plumber to fix the issue because if you mess it up, it could cause further problems with your water flow.

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