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How to Snake Your Toilet

Is your toilet clogged? Wondering how to fix it? You may need to snake your toilet. Learn how by reading on. Or contact our Ohio & Indiana plumbers today.

Clog toilets seem like an inevitability of life. This moment distinguishes the normal human to powerful ones (at least in the home). Fixing a clogged toilet can be a rite of passage for some, where they transition from average human to a handy, bathroom pro. How does one get there, you may wonder. For most, a simple plunger can get the clog out. However, more extensive jobs may require a plumber’s snake.plumber fixes toilet

A plumber’s snake is a tool used to breakdown build up or extract gunk that clogs the toilet drain. In order to use the toilet snake effectively, it is best to use gloves for grip.

When you first notice your clog, diagnose what type of clog it is. If you see that water is filling in your toilet bowl, without flushing, use a plunger. A plunger usually manages to fix most clogs. If that does not work, you will need to snake the toilet. When obtaining a plumber’s snake, start with a smaller head. If you start big, it may damage the toilet drains. (You can always go bigger if the smaller head doesn’t work.)

Once you have your tool, you are ready to begin. Put on your gloves and place the head of the snake at the opening of the toilet pipe. Slowly, but firmly, start turning the snake clockwise. As you go deeper in the pipe, you will meet resistance. That is the clog. When you feel it, wind the snake back. This will most likely cause debris to come up, as the clog break. Don’t worry, you can flush this away later. Repeat the original motion until you no longer feel the clog.

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we hope this technique helps clear your toilet. However, if you need more help, our qualified plumbers are waiting and ready to help all throughout Ohio and Indiana. Call today for a free estimate!

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