What Do I Do If My Toilet is Overflowing?

The first thing to do, or rather not do, when your toilet overflows is panic. Take a breath and focus. There are steps you can take to stop the flow and make sure it does not happen again. Usually, the problem lies within the toilet. In order to figure out what is wrong, it is important to understand what a toilet consists of.

A toilet has five primary parts. Lift the lid and identify the following:

  • Flush lever
  • Rubber flapper (device at the bottom that stops the water from flowing into the bowl)
  • Water pump
  • Float (the round object that moves with the water level and alerts the pump when to fill)
  • Overflow tube

Once you have identified all the objects, you can check to make sure they are all performing properly. If you are hesitant to put your hand in a toilet tank, don’t worry. The water in there is clean and safe to touch. Of course, like many things, make sure to wash your hands afterwards!

Turn Off the Water Source

Before trying to figure out what is wrong with the toilet, we suggest shutting off the water source. You can do this by turning the silver knob at the back of the toilet.

Problems with the Chain

One common problem that causes toilets to overflow is a problem with the chain. Jiggle the flush lever to see if the chain is too long or short. If it is too short, it will tug the flapper even when the flush lever is not pushed. If it is too long, it will interfere with the flapper opening on time. If you do have a problem with the chain, you can simply replace it with another aluminum ball chain that is the appropriate length.

Flapper Not Working

You can check on the flapper by flushing to drain the water and then unhooking the flapper from its chain. Remove the object to check to see if it has been warped or if there is dirt buildup on it. If the device is warped, you should buy a new one to replace it. If there is dirt preventing it from working properly, simply try cleaning it off.

Call an Experienced Plumber

If you have tried fixing the problem yourself and your toilet still doesn’t work properly, it may be time to call for help. The knowledgeable plumbing team at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is ready to help with all of your toilet needs. Call us at 317-399-5665, day or night, to schedule a service!