A Safety Cap For Your Air Conditioner: A Precaution Every Homeowner Needs To Take


Your home’s air conditioner is an essential appliance for keeping your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Though it’s designed for comfort, the air conditioner has become the latest target of thieves and inhalant abusers.

Air conditioner coolant, an important component of all A/C units, can be inhaled for a cheap, dangerous high. To keep your unit safe and protect your community, consider installing a safety cap.
Air conditioner coolant and inhalant abuse

All air conditioners produce us coolant, which is accessible through a valve on the A/C unit. Inhaling the gas causes users to experience states of euphoria and confusion. Some signs of refrigerant inhalation include a stumbling gait and confusion. Abusing coolant or other inhalant drugs compromises oxygen flow in the brain, which can lead to collapse, coma and death.

Checking your air conditioner

Not only does coolant inhalation pose a serious risk for the user, it can also compromise your A/C’s functionality. Without adequate coolant levels, the unit cannot properly cool the home. Losing refrigerant causes the unit to work harder to cool, leading to its eventual breakdown and expensive repairs. If you notice repeated instances where the A/C struggles to cool your home, have the refrigerant levels checked by an HVAC professional.

Protecting your air conditioner

Luckily, there is a simple solution for protecting your A/C from potential abusers. Safety caps are small locks that fit over the refrigerant valves on the air conditioning unit. These locks are easy to install and can only be opened with a key. Contact a trusted HVAC professional to help you properly install your safety cap. If you suspect your unit has been targeted by coolant thieves, be sure to ask your contractor to check for potential damage.